who we are

We love luxury. We built a company focused on it. 
We’re thinkers, designers, and storytellers that work through a multitude of disciplines ranging from brand development, photography & film production, product design & environments.
We are Olga Thinks. 



We tell brand stories across all channels with creative ideas. We’re best known for helping luxury brands create emotional connections with the right people.



Our award-winning creative group creates emotional connections with customers by developing inventive ways to bring each brand’s personality to life. Beginning with a
research-based understanding of a target market’s attitudes and behaviors, our designers, writers, art directors and digital developers create compelling, integrated and beautiful
brand experiences.


brand stories

The most important "space" brands should own is the one inside people's hearts.

Everybody loves a great story. Always have. Always will. It’s an exciting new world for brands. The opportunities and ways to reach people are endless and they’re increasing every day. And while many out there believe advertising has changed forever, we believe it really hasn’t changed at all. Advertising is and will always be about telling a great brand story. Technology alone does not create the emotional connections brands need to forge, it’s the brand stories that can be spread across these wonderful new technologies that do. The ways brands can connect with people today are endless, and new ways are popping up every day. There may be 15 channels we need to communicate in today, but tomorrow there will probably be 16.
A Creative Platform is a big, simple idea that anyone can understand and that can portray a consistent brand message anywhere it needs to be - from a print ad to a Pinterest post, from a Super Bowl spot to in-store signage. So before anyone tells you that you need social, you need digital, or you need traditional ads. Tell them that you need a big idea first big idea.



It's a huge part of what we do. And something we take great pride and care in. Backed up with strategy & insight we hit the drafting board and create everything from logos & websites to full on Branding Projects, including film & photography if need be. We work with some of the best in the industry to try to provide our clients with talented resources across the board.


  • Visual Design/Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Digital/Web Design
  • Photography/Video
  • Production
  • Interior Design



Our project managers take personal ownership of the brands they serve. In constant contact with the client and our creative team, they make sure we firmly focus on each brand’s objectives. Our project managers ensure that we deliver compelling creative ideas and executions that meet our client’s objectives, as well as their timelines and budgets


  • Account Leadership
  • Strategic & Annual Planning
  • Brand Stewardship
  • Project Management
  • Budget Management


And if you are wondering who is Olga... well it's Richard's beloved chocolate labrador. 



50 Bridge Street, Suite 212
DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201
tel. 718 717 2892


Richard Velloso
Executive Creative Director


Walter P. Horatius
Director of New Business