People’s desire for brands with authenticity and substance has never been more apparent than in today’s world. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear people crave brands with meaning and authenticity. The cookie-cutter brands of yesterday are dying a slow death and in their place are stepping brands with purpose and a more authentic way of life. 

Welcome back to The Beekman – established 1883 and re-established 2016. A building with a magnificent history located in a revitalized neighborhood at the center of all things new and exciting. Downtown Manhattan. The Beekman is now part of the Thompson Brand that celebrates art, food, fashion and architecture as part of its DNA. 

Olga Thinks was called upon to work on the brand development and create a full line of designs. In our view every single piece had to have a touch of uniqueness and thoughtfulness. We developed everything from business cards, stationary, memo pads with a "twist", psychic weather cars, classic laundry bags and beautiful & fun door-signs, amongst many other pieces. In addition we also created mood films and print & outdoor communications in some very unusual methods.  It was a fun and amazing project to be a part of. Enjoy and do visit if in NYC. 


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